Please see the current program of ISYA 2012. 

Check out the official School Photo (courtesy of Kam-Ching Leung).  This, and other pictures, are under the Gallery tab.

The talks are available in PDF below, tutorials are also listed.

Additional resources for data reduction and analysis will be given at the end.


Monday Feb 6.

Amanda Gulbis:  Solar System I - An introduction

Michele Gerbaldi:  Physical characterization of stars in light of the Gaia space mission.

Michele Gerbaldi: Fundamental parameters

Steve Crawford: Introduction to astronomical observations

Steve Crawford: Introduction to optical data reductions

Tutorials: Basics to linux, viewing FITS files, plotting

Tuesday Feb 7.

Amanda Gulbis: Solar System II - How do we study it?

Michele Gerbaldi: Astrometry

Michele Gerbaldi: Stellar mass, binary stars

Michele Gerbaldi: Modelling a star

Tutorials:  Imaging tutorial

IRAF guide

Wednesday Feb 8.

Kam-Ching Leung: Close binary evolution leading to type Ia SNe, and impact on cosmology

David Gilbank: Galaxy Evolution I

Kartik Sheth:  Galaxy Evolution - Assembly of the Hubble Sequence

Sudhanshu Barway: Virtual Observatory -  An introduction


Thursday Feb 9.

David Gilbank: Galaxy Evolution II

Kartik Sheth: Nearby galaxies - surveys, stellar structure and star formation

Tutorials: Spectroscopy data reduction (long version)

Friday Feb 10.

Kam-Ching Leung: Chemical evolution of early universe using emission line stars

Claude Carignan: Dark matter in galaxies

Kartik Sheth:  Radio astronomy

Christian Hettlage:  SALT Proposal tools

Saturday Feb 11.

Kartik Sheth:  Career and professional development in Astronomy

Student talks:

Monday Feb 13.

Michel Dennefeld: Spectroscopy I

Claude Carignan: Fabry-Perot Observations

Wednesday Feb 15.

Michel Dennefeld: Spectroscopy II

Thursday Feb 16.

Michel Dennefeld: Telescopes and instrumentation

Jean-Pierre De Greve: How to write and publish

Jean-Pierre De Greve: Successful project writing

Friday Feb 17.

Jean-Pierre De Greve: Binary stars I

Jean-Pierre De Greve: How to write a succesful CV

Jean-Pierre De Greve: Applying for projects

Saturday Feb 18.

Kam-Ching Leung: Emission line stars

Monday Feb 20.

Jean-Pierre De Greve: Binary stars II

Thursday Feb 23.

Roy Maartens: Cosmology

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